Low-Slope roofing

We offer installations, maintenance, and repairs of low-slope commercial roofing systems. Our expertise covers all types of manufacturer-warranted low-slope roofing, including single-ply membranes (e.g., EPDM, PVC, and TPO), built-up (BUR) membranes, and S.B.S-modified bitumen membranes.

Low-Slope Roofing Classifications

A roof that is almost level or somewhat pitched is a flat roof or low slope roof. There should almost always be a minimal slope to assist with drainage.

Single-ply membrane

Single-ply membrane roofs is a sheet joined together to create one continuous membrane. The seams, transitions, and penetrations must be in place to prevent leaks. The installation methods include ballasted, fully-adhered, and mechanically fastened.

Modified Bitumen

Polymer-modified roof membranes are also known as Modified Bitumen. They have been in use since the 60s. Polymer-modified bitumen roofing materials have additives that make them stronger more heat resistant. Thus, it is imperative to select the appropriate type of modified bitumen membranes.

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Damage discovered early requires a less expensive fix. Even the highest quality roof will wear down and need maintenance. Our experts can diagnose common roof problems fast and ensure that there will be no stress over disturbances and damages from leaks.
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Repair & Replacement

Shingles can suffer damage in severe weather, including cracks and total blow-off. These issues make a roof susceptible to water leaks and unrepairable damage. We offer quality roof repairs to Red Deer & surrounding area homeowners and businesses. Request a free estimate for roof repairs and replacement services.
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We follow strict industry guidelines and use the best roofing system materials. For a complete list of coverage on your selected roofing system warranties, please request more details after choosing the right roofing product.

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