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“Green” is the new catch-word for appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer. It is often used (and misused) to create additional value or a “reason to buy” one company’s product over that of another. Should a product containing little to no recycled material be considered “Green” if the only benefit is that it is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle? Some companies present their products as “environmentally friendly” on this basis to cast themselves in the best possible light. How much recycled content should there be before a product is considered “Green”?

Recycled Content

Consider this… Our Roofing Products contain approximately 95% recycled content and the trim and scrap material generated from the manufacturing and installation process can be recycled again back into our vendor’s roofing recycling program. Furthermore, all of our Roofing Products are recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

Eco-Friendly: Recycled Tire Rubber

In fact, 70% of a panel is recycled tire rubber. On average, 400 to 600 tires are used in the production of material required to cover a typical single-family residential home. Old tires are one of the most significant, and highly visible, sources of waste material generated today and G.E.M. Inc. is a major user of recycled rubber derived from these tires. In fact, some of our roofing products used over 53% of the crumb rubber consumed by Alberta manufacturers, from Alberta processors, in 2015.

What Do We Believe

We believe what matters most is the use of recycled materials… today… to make the products we use now and into the future. The end result is product quality second to none…..and quite often superior.

We are proud of the choice of our roofing product line and invite your inquiries regarding our commitment to providing you with a  quality environmentally-friendly products derived from recycled rubber to further sustainability in modern building materials.

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